News Articles

Additional information on issues and events mentioned in this toolkit.

“2004 Election Sees Second American-Muslim Bloc Vote”

Lisette Poole and Tahir Ali, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

“9/11 and the LA 8”

David Cole, The Nation
27 Oct. 2003

“American Muslim Charities: Easy Targets in the War on Terror”

Laila Al-Marayati
Presented 3 Dec. 2004 at the Pace University School of Law Symposium, "Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines: The Impact on International Philanthropy"

“America's Elusive Minority: Muslims”

Laurent Belsie, Christian Science Monitor
7 Oct. 2002

“Arab-Americans Mighty Force in Upcoming Elections”

Islam Online
7 Feb. 2004

“Arab Population on the Rise in the US”

Sarah Freedman, Washington Post
4 Dec. 2003   

“Banks Allegedly Blacklisting Muslims”

Sandip Roy, Civil Liberties Digest
2 July 2003

“Can Only Muslims Be Terrorists?”

Kamran Memon and Parvez Ahmed
26 June 2003

 “Commission Finds Muslim Charities Shut Down Without Cause”

OMB Watch
Sept. 2004

“Credit Card Companies Close Muslim Accounts”

Hilary Russ, City Limits
15 April 2003

“First They Came for the Muslims ...”

Anthony Lewis, The American Prospect
1 March 2003

“Fleeing America:  Post–9/11, Thousands of New York's Pakistanis Leave the U.S. Under Pressure” 

Alisa Solomon, The Village Voice
10 Sept. 2003

“’Little Pakistan' in New York Hit Hard by 9/11 Aftermath”

Alisa Solomon, South Asia Tribune #59
14 Sept. 2003

“Is Military Creeping Into Domestic Law Enforcement?”

Robert Block and Gary Fields, Wall Street Journal
9 March 2004

“Let Us Be Moors: Islam, Race and ‘Connected Histories’"

Hisham Aidi, Middle East Report
Winter 2003

“Media Advisory: Press Conference on Sukhpal Singh Sodhi's Murder”

Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund
7 Aug. 2002

”More US Muslims Run for Office”

Danna Harman, Christian Science Monitorf
7 Nov. 2003

“Muslims in U.S. Feel Targeted by Anti-Terror Business Policies”

Mary Beth Sheridan, Washington Post
9 July 2003

“Pakistanis among 170 Inmates on Hunger Strike in Queens Detention Center”

M.R. Farrukh, Pakistan Post
25 Aug. 2004.

 “Sikh Sues Delta Airlines over Racial Profiling, Harassment”

Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund
15 Sept. 2003

"Suspected and Feared: Muslim Migrants after September 11th"

Behzad Yaghmaian,
12 Dec. 2005,

“Targeting Muslims, at Ashcroft's Discretion”

Louise Cainkar, Middle East Report Online
14 March 2003

“Targeting the University” 

Joseph Massad, Al-Ahram
2 June 2005

“Terrorism statistics inflated in N.J.”

Mark Fazlollah, Philadelphia Inquirer
4 March 2003

 “Woman Collapses after N.Y. Judge Asks if She's a Terrorist”

Associated Press
21 May 2003

“Urban Islam and the War on Terror” 

Hisham Aidi, Colorlines
Winter 2002/2003 (Vol. 5, No. 4)

“U.S. Deportations to Muslim Nations Soar” 

Mark Bixler, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
15 Jan. 2003