The Interviews

Affiliations are given  as of the time these interviews were conducted in 2003; changes since then are noted wherever possible.


Widad Albassam is director of Chicago’s Arab American Arts Council.

Louise Cainkar is a sociologist and senior research fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Great Cities Institute.

Mai Kakish is a member of the Executive Committee for AFSC’s Great Lakes Region.

Saher Mawlawi is the Arab American Liaison for Commission on Human Relations of the  City of Chicago

Bitta Mostofi is former staff for Voices in the Wilderness in Chicago, following her return from Iraq in 2003.

Malik Mujahid is the proprietor of Sound Vision, an Islamic bookstore in Bridgeview, IL, and president of Chicago’s Council of Islamic Organizations.

Southwest Youth Collaborative

Camille Odeh is executive director of the Southwest Youth Collaborative, a community-based network of youth and community development organizations working in five neighborhoods on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

Hatem Abudayyeh is executive director of the Arab American Action Network, which is housed at the Southwest Youth Collaborative.

Baheia Ahmad is clinical supervisor at the Midway Center of Chicago’s Metropolitan Family Services.

Nina Farnia is the former coordinator for Generation Y and other youth initiatives for the Southwest Youth Collaborative.

Camille Odeh, Hatem Abudayyeh, Baheia Ahmad, and Nina Farnia participated in a group interview for this project in the offices of the Southwest Youth Collaborative.

Los Angeles

Hussam Ayloush is the executive director and Omar Zaki the former director of government relations for the southern Californa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, located in Anaheim, California.

Sarah Eltantawi was the director of research and policy; Susan Attar the coordinator of the Hate Prevention Department; and Nagwa Ibrahim the community outreach director for the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles. All three have since moved on to other positions, and the work of MPAC is carried forward by others.

Hamid Khan is the executive director and Kripa Upadhuay is the former program coordinator for the South Asian Network in Artesia, California.

New York and New Jersey

Adem Carroll is the post-911 relief & advocacy coordinator for the Islamic Circle of North America in Jamaica, Queens.

Families for Freedom

Subhash Kateel and Aarti Shahani are activists with Families for Freedom in New York.

Kathleen Foster is a former board member of the Coney Island Avenue Project in Brooklyn.

Joanna Habib is the former legal director for the Arab American Family Support Center in Brooklyn.

Parastou Hassouri is the former immigrants rights organizer at the ACLU of New Jersey in Newark.

Waheed Khalid is a human rights activist and former president of the mosque in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Washington D.C.

Faisal Alam is the founder and former coordinator of the Al-Fatiha Foundation, a network for LGBT Muslims and friends.

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