Credits and Acknowledgments

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Credits and Acknowledgments


Produced by Rachael Kamel and Alicia Gurdián-Fernández

Interviews: Rachael Kamel

Conceptual and Educational Design: Alicia Gurdián-Fernández - -

Developer and Programmer: León Coto - -

Associate producer: Tony Heriza

Research & field assistance: Jennifer Bing-Canar, Dan Goldman, Amy Gottlieb, Shady Hakim, and Dwan Kaoukji

Music: Kulna Sawa

Voiceovers: Laurel Katz and Gary Bridges

Sound engineer: Peter Rydberg, Maja Audio Group

Photographs: Terry Foss and Rachael Kamel


All music in this production is by Kulna Sawa (All of Us Together), based in Damascus, Syria. For permission to use their music, we gratefully acknowledge both Kulna Sawa and EMI Music Arabia. Kulna Sawa’s music is available in the United States from Maqam.

Many people provided helpful feedback and suggestions on the content and presentation of this toolkit, including Leila Barclay, Elliott Bat Tzedek, Kathy Bergen, Jennifer Bing-Canar, Ruben Chandrasekhar, Amy Gottlieb, Mark Graham, Shady Hakim, Linda Hanna, Tony Heriza, Adam Horowitz, Iftekhar Hussain, Mohamed Ibrahim, Darryl Jordan, Joyce Miller, Rubab Qureshi, Sue Rouda, Zoharah Simmons, Arif Ullah, and Katherine Whitlock. Their comments and questions have helped immeasurably to strengthen this resource.

Invaluable logistical support was provided by Erika Almiron and Tanisha McCormick

Funding for this project was provided by AFSC’s Peacemaking in a Time of War initiative.

Our deepest debt of gratitude is due to the people who have shared their experiences, reflections, and aspirations with us, and to the organizations and communities they are part of.