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Malik Mujahid

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Proprietor, Sound Vision

The countries targeted in the war on terrorism are the countries that people in our community come from. The Muslim community is expert on these countries. If they are treated like suspects, the government is denying itself the strength of the knowledge we have.

They spent $20-30 million on an ad campaign for the Muslim world. It all created a negative response. Third World people are skeptical of any government, and the American government above all.

If you present a balanced picture, people will buy it. But if you put out PR saying everything is fine, when two thousand people are arrested in one day in LA — who will believe it?

The US tells a story about good guys and bad guys, because they don’t have good policies.

They used to say that the sun never sets on the British Empire. Then Gandhi stood up and defied the empire that was in power then. The empire could not resist, because people did not fight them with firearms. No guns could have overcome them — all it took to overcome them were human beings.

It is the duty of all citizens to force a dialogue on foreign policy. The Muslim voice is essential in that dialogue.