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Bitta Mostofi

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Voices in the Wilderness

Iranians often identify as white, not as Middle Easterners. Now they are beginning to identify more with other Muslims, other Middle Easterners. They are feeling the same persecution — the stares, the comments, the fears when traveling …

It doesn’t matter that they are wealthy or that they don’t identify with the regime [in Iran] … the situation has stripped away the protections of money.

My mother was recently in Marshall Fields, there was a woman in front of her at the cash register. My mother didn’t understand what was going on. The woman turned around and said, “stop trying to look at my credit card,” covering up her card. My mother said, “you think I’m a terrorist,” and the customer asked the cashier to call the manager. My mother thought it was so stupid, the way things like that can divide the country …