A Foot in Both Places:

Culture and Community at the Crossroads of War

Interviews with Arab, South Asian, and Muslim Community Activists

Neighbors or Enemies?

The two chapters  included in this section — “Living with Hate” and “In a World at War” — reflect the two sides of the coin in the creation of the social “other.”

Living with Hate

War fever brings predictable consequences, including an upsurge in hate speech, hate violence, discrimination, and abuse of government authority.
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In a World at War

With globalization, links between immigrant communities and their countries of origin are stronger than ever – shaping both the echoes of war and the prospects for peace.
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Building on New Foundations

This section explores the upsurge of mobilization  and creativity with which targeted communities have responded to the post-9/11 climate.

Standing Up, Reaching Out

In the face of discrimination and repression, communities have sought to defend their rights and build new alliances for change.
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New Strategies, New Organizations

The search for community empowerment has prompted the emergence of new kinds of organizations and new forms of resistance.
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Changing Visions of Ourselves

Changing conditions  in the external environment have affected people’s sense of themselves at the deepest levels.

Between Two Worlds

Identity is never static — especially as entire communities establish themselves on new terrain.
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From Generation to Generation

Young people are not only the primary architects of the future, they are the most sensitive barometer of change.
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On Shifting Ground: Gender & Sexuality

Changing patterns of community life reach into intimate lives and identities.
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