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Witness to War: An American Doctor in El Salvador
DVD or video or 16mm color film or or 3/4" video cassette, 1984, 30 mins.

Takes you behind rebel lines in El Salvador with Dr. Charles Clements. Presents Charlie Clements' odyssey of conscience: from an air force officer in Vietnam angry with war protesters to his change of heart and refusal to fly any more missions to his transformation into a medical doctor saving lives in the "enemy" zones of El Salvador. Powerfully documents the hardships of life in these zones caused by the U. S. war in the countryside - particularly the bombing. Excellent brief section on the history of why the people turned to armed rebellion against the U.S.-supported government. Produced with the assistance the AFSC. An Academy-Award-winning documentary.
El Salvador; Nonviolence; U.S. Intervention; U.S. Support for Repression