Film Details:

Coming of Age
DVD or 16mm color film, 1982, 60 mins

Finally here is a film on adolescence that is helpful for young men and women of all races. High School students of a wide variety of social backgrounds and races get together at a summer camp to discuss the issues of immediate concern to them as adolescents: racial feelings, sexuality, physical and emotional abuse of women, homosexuality. Best section is on issues of "maleness" and "femininity". Very powerful and eye-opening exchanges between boys and girls about the pressures of being a boy or a girl and how these pressures limit their enjoyment of each other. The viewer is held spellbound as the secret feelings of the young people emerge. Glimpses of what adolescence could be like in a free society. These are real kids who have been through a lot. Appropriate for high school age as well as early college. Also good for race relations workshops with young people. Produced by Josh Hanig and Dennis Hicks. You will need an extra-large take-up reel to project this film. May now by shown where admission is charged without permission. DVD may have a colored tint and some video glitches. Vintage film.
Gender Roles; Women; Race and Racism; Men