Films on Iraq and the International Crisis

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Winter Soldier 2: A Grass Roots View DVD 2008 85 mins. A movement is rapidly growing among men and women from the Army, Marines and other U.S. armed forces who participated in ground combat in Iraq and who have become uneasy with their part and America's role in Iraq. Many of these soldiers feel an urgent need to awaken the American public to what actually is happening in Iraq. Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) have cut through the silence. This film presents highlights of the IVAW Winter Soldier 2 hearings. Included are eyewitness accounts by Iraq veterans and informational speeches by scholars who also spoke at the Winter Soldier 2 hearings. Testimony is given about the realities of the unlawful and aggressive war that is now taking place in Iraq. The testimonies are articulate, painfully honest, honorably presented, and effective; they also powerfully credible because they are first person narratives by the soldiers themselves. The soldiers talk about the human costs to themselves, the Iraqi people, and the collective American conscience; an Iraqi activist clarifies what the Iraqi public wants; and analysts fill in the greater complexities of the past, present and probable future of the situation. This public record is a strong counter to politicians and pundits who say, “support our troops,” but who really mean, "support our war." The soldiers response about those who purport to speak for them, "We're still soldiers, we're just not their soldiers anymore." Note: Graphic images and language. Age level: High School through Adult. Excellent Quality of production. Excellent Quality of information. Donation
About Real War, Consequences and Real People: An Insights Interview DVD 2000*
Segments are various lengths. Produced by Vietnam Veteran Jesse Perrier for his regular TV show. This series explores the local perspective on the struggle for peace and the remembrance of war's very personal consequences. Age: Junior high school to Adult. Fair quality of production. Good quality of information. Donation Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, TX. Cindy Sheehan’s son died serving in the Iraq occupation. After much searching, she has found no sensible conclusive answer from our government for why her son died in a war whose origins were based on lies. This program follows her to Crawford, Texas, to a spot close to George W. Bush's ranch where she sought the answer to one simple question: For what purpose was her son asked to give up his life? Keepers of the Peace. Four people who have served in the U.S. military in struggles including World War II, Vietnam, the mid-Cold War, and the Gulf War talk about their experiences and reach the consensus that war's adversity is greater than its necessity. Winter Soldier. Promotional piece for the documentary Winter Soldier. Two local veterans talk about war and give a preview of Winter Soldier, a documentary which filmed a conference of soldiers of diverse backgrounds immediately after their return from active duty in Vietnam. In the interviews and panel discussions, the soldiers recount the extreme situations of fighting for survival, returning to an unwelcoming home, and struggling with own personal destruction as well as that of Vietnam. Arlington East. After months of preparation, a diverse group of people gathered on Cape Cod to install more than 2700 symbolic grave markers to commemorate each American member of the armed forces who has died in the Iraq War that began in 2003. During the day, poets, musicians and others from around New England held a service in protest of the war and in support of not just the fallen soldiers but also of those who still serve with the hope that more American patriots need not die for unnecessary reasons. Arlington East 2. Film of the rally the night before the Arlington East exhibit was installed in which different people express views about the Iraq occupation in prose, poetry and music. Also included is an address by an Iraqi woman who illuminates facts of Iraq's past with the hope of giving light to the possibilities for its future. Peace Poetry. Grade school poetry contest winners deliver inspiring readings of their poems on war and peace. These students offer surprising and tremendously insightful reflections on human realities of destructiveness as well as on the potential for reconciliations. National Day of Mourning. At the first Thanksgiving the Pilgrims and Native Americans were not festively celebrating. Instead the Native Americans were treated even more unsympathetically by the Pilgrims than by the approaching winter months. For the past quarter of a century, a diverse group of Native Americans have assembled in Plymouth on Thanksgiving Day to hold a spiritual event known as the National Day of Mourning. The purpose is to grieve the historical and continuing plight of all of America’s native peoples. Jesse Perrier interviews three guests at the gathering about the harsh realities confronting local Native Americans in the past and about the current atrocities that indigenous peoples face in Central and South America. Afterwards the actual ceremony is shown.
Andy Rooney Blasts the Iraq War and the Military Industrial Complex video 2006 4 mins.
An excellent introduction for educational programs on the Iraq War or military spending, this powerful critique by Andy Rooney on the 60 Minutes program of June 18, 2006 hits all the angles. Points out that as of 2006 we were spending $5.6 billion per month fighting in Iraq, "a war we should never have gotten into". After giving figures on U.S. deaths in Iraq, it asks "For what?". Points out that to pay for Iraq we are borrowing from China and cutting back on loans to college students, Medicare, prescription coverage, highway construction, NPR, Amtrak and farm payments. Then Rooney turns his ire to the military industrial complex: "I'll tell you where we need to start saving... we need to cut back on our bloated military budget". He points out the size of our military budget in comparison with other countries and runs off numbers of tanks, nuclear weapons, colonels and generals we have. All of his points are voiced over impressive footage of war and weapons and statistics. He then ends with Eisenhower's farewell message warning us of the dangers of the "military industrial complex". Rooney closes with: "Ike was right. What he warned us about has happened". Brief, to the point, comprehensive and convincing. A must see. Donation A
Artificial Intelligence DVD 2006 30 mins.
In making the case for the 2003 Iraq war, Colin Powell stated: "These are not assertions, what we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence." This episode of the television program NOW centers around former army colonel, decorated Vietnam veteran, lifelong Republican and Colin Powell's chief of staff (when Powell made the case to invade Iraq), Lawrence Wilkerson. Wilkerson has crossed the Rubicon in calling the Bush administration's case for war a "hoax.” NOW looks into the veracity of the intelligence upon which the case for war was based. NOW uncovers what truth (or what little truth) lies in the Bush administration's "solid intelligence" upon which America went to war. In the end by speaking up, Wilkerson lost his friendship with Powell. But Wilkerson feels that he has upheld something that he believes we all need: the principles of democracy and the virtues of accountable and transparent government. Age: Junior High School to Adult. Excellent quality of production. Excellent quality of information. Donation
Body of War DVD
Bringing the War Home: On the Road with Eyes Wide Open DVD 2006 12 mins.
Eyes Wide Open, the American Friends Service Committee’s widely-acclaimed exhibition on the human cost of the Iraq War, features a pair of boots honoring each U.S. military casualty, a field of shoes and a Wall of Remembrance to memorialize the Iraqis killed in the conflict, and a multimedia display exploring the history, cost and consequences of the war. Since January 2005,this simple exhibit of empty boots and shoes has opened eyes and stirred emotions across the country. This short documentary captures the essence of Eyes Wide Open, a stark reminder of the human cost of the Iraq War.
Bush's War DVD 2008 270 mins.
Co-produced by television's PBS Frontline program, this documentary asks what the George W. Bush administration will leave for a new U.S. president both in Iraq and in the larger "war on terror." On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, the documentary examines the war -- the quick American victory in Iraq, the early mistakes that were made, and the story of story of how chaos, looting and violence quickly engulfed the country.
Buying the War DVD 2007 87 mins.
Originally broadcaset 4/25/07. The Bush administration marketed and sold the war in Iraq to the American people. How and why did the press buy it, and what does that say about the role of journalists in helping the public sort out fact from propaganda? Moyers and an investigative team piece together the reporting and political spin that shaped the public mind prior to, during and following the 2003 invasion. Exposing the disappearance of a watchdog mentality in mainstream newspaper and TV journalism, the documentary also highlights the work of Knight Ridder reporters who dug beneath the surface of administration claims -- only to be drowned out by the drums of war.
Crimes Against Humanity: The Bush Record DVD 2006* 48 mins.
Features highlights of testimony before The International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration. Presents five indictments. Starting with Katrina, the film presents evidence of deliberate crimes against humanity by the Bush Administration, including: destruction of the global environment; destruction of International Public Health (HIV); torture and illegal detention; and wars of aggression. This new edit includes testimony from Scott Ritter, former U.N. weapons inspector; Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, former Commander of Prisons in Iraq; Craig Murray, Former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan; Camilo Mejias, Iraq Vet & War Resister; Malik Rahim, Common Ground New Orleans; Jeremy Scahill, author, Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army; Barbara Olshansky, attorney for Guantanamo prisoners; Alan Berkman, MD, international AIDS expert from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; and many others. Plus commentary by Harry Belafonte and Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights.
Dahr Jamail Interview: "Unembedded" in Iraq DVD 2005 30 mins.
Just returned from Lebanon in December of 2005, American independent journalist Dahr Jamail is interviewed by Bruce Gagnon about the situation of Iraqis caught in the increasing violence of the occupation.
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