About the Film and Video Library

We constantly update our video collection so that you will be able to borrow some of the latest programs on topics ranging from international human rights and social justice concerns to women's issues, from racism to military spending and the arms race, from inspiring social change movements to the global economy, and from U.S. intervention abroad to labor concerns (as well as just about everything in between). Of course you will always have access to the older films, videos, and slide shows. In fact, some of the very best programs in our whole collection are the truly classic 16mm films from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, some of which have been used hundreds and hundreds of times.

We ship programs to every state in the country. (We do not ship outside the United States.) Or programs can be picked up in person at our office for those living in the Greater Boston area. For public, group, or classroom showings, we ask donations ranging from $10-$20 to help defray some of our expenses. For previews or home viewing we ask for a $5 donation. We also ask viewers to pay for shipping. For those living near our office we have instituted a $2 per day home video service.

To request a video or film, email pshannon@afsc.org or call 617-497-5273.